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  • Motivated developer with a passion for gaming and intelligent computing.
  • Application Engineer at Robotic Vision Technologies in Silver Spring, MD.
UNC Charlotte
  • chevron_rightBachelor of Science, Computer Science
  • chevron_rightConcentration in Intelligent Systems
  • chevron_rightMinor in Business
  • chevron_rightCum Laude
Application Engineer
| Robotic Vision Tech
Nov 2017 - Present
  • chevron_right Developed a user friendly, reduced feature set version of our vision software for SME clients
  • chevron_right Designed a modern interface with WPF in C# and XAML
  • chevron_right Decoupled our core codebase through a .Net interop layer using CPP/CLI

  • chevron_right Developed a data analytics web app to visualize information recorded by vision software products
  • chevron_right Designed the web interface with Dash, using Ploty for the data visualizations
  • chevron_right Data is recieved through a REST API built using Flask

  • chevron_right Completed some work in robot programming on Universal Robots
  • chevron_right Recently began development on an SDK implementation of our vision software
Research Assistant
| UNC Charlotte
May 2016 - Jul 2016
  • chevron_right Developed a GPU-accelerated Particle Filter for use in tracking moving objects in video
  • chevron_right Parallelizing for GPU significantly accelerated the task over conventional serial methods
  • chevron_right Built with C++ using the ArrayFire library
  • chevron_right Prototype developed in Matlab
| Pizza Hut
Jan 2013 - Dec 2014
  • chevron_right Managed the team members during my shift
  • chevron_right Dealt with customers directly to resolve any quality or service issues they might have encountered
  • chevron_right Handled opening and closing operations for the store including transactions and cash deposits
Vision Factory more_vert

User friendly, reduced feature set version of core software product.

Vision Factory close

Front-end developed with WPF using C# and XAML. Connected to back-end with .Net CPP/CLI interop.

Improved UX version of Pro software with a reduced feature set for our SME clients.

Designed and implemented the UI and UX improvements. Contributed to the interop/back-end development.

This is a lite software offering built for small to medium enterprise clients that don't make use of system integrators or need faster system set-ups.

VF Data more_vert

Data analytics app for visualization of Vision Factory data.

VF Data close

Interface built with Dash/Plotly in Python. REST API implemented with Flask.

Web app used to visualize data captured by Vision Factory products. Data is recieved through API calls and stored in a SQL database.

Updates in realtime and runs fully independent of Vision Factory. Live updates can be disabled to perform date filtering on all data.

Calculates critical information including average cycle times, average deviation distance, failure rates, etc.

Particle Filter more_vert

Developed a GPU-accelerated Particle Filter for use in tracking moving objects.

Particle Filter close

Developed in C++ using the ArrayFire library, prototyping done in Matlab.

Using a template image and differencing provides simple but robust tracking. The goal was to maintain accuracy of tracking while reducing tracking times.

Parallelizing for GPU significantly accelerated the task over conventional serial methods. This is done by collecting the image patches for each particle in parallel and vectorizing the work done to determine the likelihood that the object is located at each particle.

Further works needs to be done to optimize for multi-object tracking and improve robustness.

GatherMate more_vert

A prototype application for spontaneous event scheduling.

GatherMate close

Developed in Android Studio (Java) using Firebase and Google Maps API.

Each user can create events that are visible to friends. Friends can be added via username or email and are shown any events that their friends create.

Each event opens a details page that contains a map view and other information about the event. Navigation to the event can be started from the map view and will open in Google Maps.

Timers countdown to indicate when an event starts. Colored travel times indicate whether you can make it to an event on time and are updated from current traffic conditions via the Maps API.

Ritual Master more_vert

Game Jam project redesigned for mobile based on feedback.

Ritual Master close

Built using C# in Unity.

Dynamic puzzle drawing maximizes asset resuse regardless of puzzle difficulty.

Gameplay consists of mastermind style puzzles, growing in difficulty through size and number of resources.

Presented at the first Playthrough Game Convention. Feedback indicated that people enjoyed the puzzle aspects of the game but felt other aspects were tedious.

Originally designed as a desktop application during Global Game Jam. We redesigned it as a mobile game based on that feedback.